One Man Crosscut Saw

Crosscut Saw

Trees are often cut down and trucks are also sawed to the length by the use of crosscut saws. Wooden handles are there in the two-man crosscut saws and these handles fit into the socket at both the ends which is made from steel. In 1800s the one man crosscut saw spread quickly throughout North America which was thinly populated and the reason was that they had an excessive use in timber processing, often for the tailored ties, in rail network’s construction. The trees having proper diameter can be fallen by one man and after that he can cut these trees to the appropriate lengths. When we talk about the one man crosscut saw, it often appears to be like the hand saws used traditionally. However these are enlarged with the help of big and the deep-cut teeth.  

One man crosscut saw is often the large tools whose purpose is to use them roughly and therefore these are not made with much of care, specifically in details, as compared to the traditional better-quality saws used for fine carpentry. Therefore it is usual to find the burrs and the machine marks on teeth and the blade of one man crosscut saw. When the one man crosscut saw is frequently used then these burrs quickly fall off but it is recommended that saw’s teeth should be touched before it is used with some big saw file. It is important to have such a file in any kind of case when the one man crosscut saw is in use and the reason which is responsible for this is the use of them in a rough manner and the steel with which they are made that is often quite soft. A saw file which is 200 mm in its length is good in its use. The one man crosscut saw made by the Wilhelm Putsch is often recommended for people who want them to perform some heavy kind of work. These saws are already sharpened as well as tuned with hand and these are just ready to be used.

It is good to have one man cross cut saw whose blade is double in terms of its length when compared to the tree’s thickness which is required to be cut into halves. The teeth that are there on the one man crosscut saw have been designed specifically for the efficient crosscutting also these are not often recommended for the rip sawing. The direction of the teeth is outwards from its blade for the sake of preventing the binding of the wood and along with this kerf is also larger as compared to thickness of its blade.

When it comes it is often dangerous to fell trees as well as cutting heavy, large logs. The expert and personal instructions can never be replaced by reading the directions and the safety instructions in some book or on the other hand watching these instructions on some DVD. Without having completed kind of training and knowing the techniques you should never go even near to this sort of work. The awareness about the mistakes that are potentially deadly is also necessary. It is necessary sometimes as well to have the permit from some of the local authorities before you start the cutting down of the trees.